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  May 23, 2018 
Bulk Banaba - Nature's Best WildCrafted Herbs
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Wild Crafted Banaba

Banaba, also known by it's scientific name as Lagerstroemia Speciosa or Queen's Crape Myrtle is the best source of Corosolic Acid or colosolic acid, a known agent that helps absorb glucose into blood cells according to Japanese studies.
Starting with leaves that are hand picked and sourced from the wild, we provide world-class quality bulk banaba leaves and other special herbs according to specifications.

To this end, we have traveled extensively throughout the Philippines, finding and securing areas that meet our stringent requirements. Our picking areas have been carefully screened to ensure the plants and their surroundings are free from chemical insecticides and/or inorganic phosphate or nitrate fertilizer applications.

The genesis of these herbal remedies can be traced to the efforts of President Ferdinand Marcos during the late 70's and early 80's to free the Philippines from the oppressive hold of the foreign drug manufacturers. As a result of this effort, several hundred traditional remedies were reviewed for efficacy and safety.
Using these 80 herbs as the springboard, efforts began to identify those herbs that were commercially viable and pharmaceutically competitive with existing pharmaceutical standards.

Small Banaba Plants
Small Banaba Plants

Asian Botanical Products produces 15 of these herbs that were found to be most effective. Our medicinal bulk herbs are all approved by the Philippine Department of Health.

Dried Banaba Leaves
Banaba Tea
Banaba Powder
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